Thursday, July 08, 2004

"If he were my man i'd kick him to the curb!"

john vanderslice played on tuesday. it was fine. they put us 21+ kids in the balcony for some reason. The company i keep is keeping me exhausted with their cynicism. Its become difficult to be continuously optimistic after seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 monday. What the hell has to happen for people to want change? if the world stage is Maury our populace is the girl with the abusive/cheating/lying scumbag boyfriend who says "but i love him" and then re-elects him to abuse, lie and cheat for another four years. awful analogy (and it probably wasn't even his baby) but i'd like to see these numbers go down.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

icelandic gods play slower sleepy core

so múm was on tuesday at the bluebird and i went, hoping for a repeat of the religious sigur ros experience last year. Deliberate decelerated electric sugar. a little too much, my teeth ached after the show. and my eyes watered from yawning through the night. Then my lack of veneration made me feel affected and artless, because the people by stage looked as though an evangelical preacher just exorcised all their demons. They showed their gratitude for redemption by buying t shirts and cds at the merch table.
music tells no truths.
also, i finished american gods in two days. this is probably why everything i write or think seems tainted with pagan theology. It will pass soon, because i just got McSweeneys issue 13 and Adrienne Tomine's scrapbook: uncollected work: 1990-2004. from sci fi to graphic novels... too cool. no wonder i got the hermit card in my last tarot reading.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

coffee and cigarettes

can i just say wu tang clan saved me from falling asleep... but the scene with gza, rza and bill murray really is worth 8 bucks alone.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

animals like me

About bright channel, matson jones, ready machetti & drop the fear at the climax lounge friday june 18th:

Sometimes i think my show going days are over, i'm older and tired by 10pm and the music was so much much better back in 1998. humbug. Cut scene to last thursday night after the microphones show. We had just seen phil elvrum sway and stagger through a thirty minute set in front of totally enraptured denver dernier cri babies. the night before shannon wright was supposed to kill all the bad feelings at the larimer lounge but she no-showed (trapped in salt lake). and the night before that, beulah rocked their second to last show at the bluebird, bittersweet 2x because another band pegs out, and i was a bit crocked and paid for it the next morning. So wallowing with phil was less than what i needed.
But sometimes i think this is just a beginning, like the washed out feedback of guitar can cure anything... cut scene to friday at the climax. Paying respect to the three opening bands (they could've destroyed all memory of the former three nights by themselves) but bright channel just turns everything they touch into white hot space rock. Now it's about commiserating with the noise, and that guitar is like an articulate drunk, mumbling and screaming at the same time but i swear its quoting something really significant like "words are loaded pistols" or "I have nothing to say and I am saying it and that is poetry." These guys (and girl) just recorded and will be out with an album soon enough, but if you're in denver for g_d's sake see them already.

i don't like mondays

yes i know its tuesday. i don't like them either. i thought i'd start writing here instead of the poetry boards. is there no place to hide in the interweb?
june 22nd means:
three days until fahrenheit 9/11
one week until mum at the bluebird
three weeks until :c:'s birthday

but i just got the sad news that lollapalooza has been cancelled. for those of us still in the west/midwest, this means no sonic youth or le tigre tour. whee.

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